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Company Introduction

Anzen Exports plastics division is actively involved in providing specialised contract manufacturing solutions for the packaging industry and international trade for over a decade. We offer our products with quality and reliability from prototype to production in keeping your specific requirements.

We are India’s premier contract manufacturers of Polypropylene woven sacks, fabrics GeoTextile and FIBC. These are available in laminated and non-laminated versions as per requirement.

India is one of the key producers of polypropylene in the world, and this helps us source the raw material at ease and process large orders, which ensures deliveries in a timely and cost-efficient manner that has proved hard to match.

Our ability to merge the highest quality with competitive pricing has resulted in our receiving a host of new orders from large American, European and Australian corporations. In fact, we are currently customizing a whole new range of products like FIBC, Garden Waste Collection Bags, Polypropylene UV fabric for weed control, silt fencing, Carpet backing, Polypropylene clear sheets, Resin bags and other related products for these companies.

Our Beliefs​

At Anzen, we have a well-defined value system that governs all our actions.

We believe in:-

  • Establishing a long term strategic relationship with clients
  • Creating a flexible working culture for our team
  • Meticulous planning and execution of orders
  • Commitment to high standards of product quality
  • Fostering a dedicated, committed and skilled workforce


“To provide high-quality products that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers and our suppliers.”