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Made from tubular woven polypropylene fabric, ANZEN bags are reliable and sturdy for any kind of storage purpose. ANZEN sacks are made from heavy-duty propylene fabric which makes them tear and puncture-resistant. Being UV stabilized these bags last longer than ordinary sacks and thus proves to be a better choice even over burlap. These bags have multiple uses ranging from storage to erosion control or used as a way to add stabilizing weight to the back of the cars and trucks on snow-covered roads.

ANZEN Bags and Sacks are available in different sizes and can be customized. Few options available are bags with top heat, with hemmed top, with and without tie strings, with and without UV, with lamination or liners.

ANZEN sandbags are ideal for flooding and erosion control, or as a way to add stabilizing weight to the back of cars and trucks on icy or snow-covered roads. ANZEN sandbags are made from heavy gauge polypropylene, which resists tearing and puncturing. Being UV stabilized, they last longer in direct sunlight. ANZEN sandbags are heavy duty and strong to perform where ordinary burlap sandbags fail. Sandbags are a simple and effective way to prevent or reduce flood water damage. Properly filled and placed sandbags can act as a barrier to divert moving water around, instead of through, buildings and property. Sandbags are also used successfully to prevent overflow of streams with levees, and for training current flows to specific areas. Sandbags, when properly filled and placed, will redirect storm and debris flow away from property improvements. In comparison to others, ANZEN sandbags are made to last and can be reused for years.

PP WOVEN SACKS / BAGS - laminated /Unlaminated

  • PP/PP woven sacks / bags from 36 cms to 130 cms in tubular form
  • PP/PP woven sacks / bags up to 200 cm wide in side stitching
  • PP/PP woven sacks / bags with LDPE/LLDPE liner
  • PP/LDPE laminated sacks, both internal and external
  • Denier From 400 Denier to 2000 Denier
  • 6 colour online flexographic printing with a maximum printing area of 760 mm x 1300 mm.
  • Online gusseting and cutting