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Weed Mats :

High-quality weed barrier fabrics which are permeable to water and air, while limiting the growth of weeds through the fabric in landscape applications. Made of durable, tear-resistant polypropylene fabric, weed barrier separates soil-mulch and soil-gravel layers while blocking light to control weed growth. These fabrics reduce the need for chemical herbicides.

Weed barrier fabrics are UV stabilized with optimum water permeability, tensile strength and durability. Anzen stocks various roll sizes to suit your project needs. Popular sizes available with us are as under:

  • Retail Pack : Extremely popular Neo Weed Retail Packs are available in various sizes from 1mtr x 50mtrs rolls to 2mtrs x 50mtrs rolls. Popular lengths available 15mtr, 25mtr, 50mtr
  • Flat Packs : These fabrics are packed flat and not in the form of rolls. Popular sizes in demand are
    4.5mtrs x 11.1mtr & 4.5mtrs x 25mtrs

Ground Covers :

Ground Cover Fabric will suit all your requirements, for hard landscaping projects the woven black Polypropylene is ideal whereas with UV stabiliser acts as the perfect weed barrier for planting areas whilst still allowing moisture through to your vegetables and plants ANZEN’s Ground Cover is manufactured from UV stabilised black Polypropylene which is processed to produce a close-woven material. Tough and tear-resistant, it effectively controls annual and perennial weeds. Ground Cover can be used inside glasshouses and growing tunnels providing cleanable surfaces or used for weed-free standing out areas for container-grown plants.
Available in 3 variants
  • With Grids
  • With Marker Tapes
  • Plain
Standard Available Specifications
Popular Width: 1meter to 5.4 meters GSM: 80GSM onwards Roll Length: 25 meters Retail Rolls to 1000meters Master Rolls UV Stabilized